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Take action: Urge the BLM to protect land for wildlife, recreation, and long-term conservation.

The Bureau of Land Management is asking citizens how it can better plan for public land management. The bureau manages more land than any other federal agency (about a quarter of a billion acres), so this process could dramatically influence our western landscapes and habitats for decades to come.

Please encourage the BLM to incorporate more conservation measures when its land use management plans are developed and updated.

Conservation and quiet recreation deserve equal weight. The BLM has a “multiple use and sustained yield” mandate, which means that the resources and values found on public lands should be available to all Americans on an enduring basis. These include oil and gas to fuel our economy, grass for livestock, and minerals such as gold and rare earths for industry. But they also comprise wide open spaces; clear rivers; abundant wildlife; and the freedom to hike, bike, boat, hunt, fish, photograph, and otherwise enjoy the land that belongs to all of us.

“Multiple use and sustained yield” should not mean every use on every acre; some lands are suitable for development, but some should be left as they are for people, including future generations, to enjoy and for wildlife to find sanctuary. The BLM’s planning process should make it easier to protect places that are special for humans and animals.

Let the agency know that you want to see more of your lands managed to protect wild places and natural areas, room for people and wildlife to roam, and dark, star-filled skies. Send your letter today!


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