Protect the Food Web by Conserving Little Fish

Protect the Food Web by Conserving Little Fish

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Anyone who has visited a beach or fished in the ocean along the U.S. West Coast likely has come away with a renewed appreciation for the rich array of marine life that inhabits these waters. Breaching whales, thick flocks of seabirds, and healthy stocks of game fish like albacore tuna all congregate within this exceptionally diverse and abundant marine ecosystem. It’s amazing to think that all of this depends on the presence of tiny fish, commonly known as forage fish, some just a few inches long.

It’s time to encourage the Pacific Fishery Management Council to move ahead with protecting the little fish that are a big deal in a healthy ocean.

Because of past actions from people like you, West Coast fishery leaders are one step closer to protecting forage fish species that aren’t currently managed. Some of these species, such as saury, lanternfish, and sand lance, may be obscure to the general public but they are critical to a well-functioning marine food web. Many are targeted by industrial-scale fishing elsewhere in the world, so it makes sense for the council to put some basic protections in place now – before fishing begins.

Please act now to protect forage fish.


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