Take Action: Urge Congress to Extend Clean Energy Tax Incentives

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In December 2015, Congress passed legislation that provided a five-year extension and gradual phase-down of the production tax credit for wind and the investment and residential tax credits for solar. However, other technologies that currently qualify for these credits through the end of 2016—including fuel cells, combined heat and power, small wind, microturbines, geothermal, biomass, landfill gas, municipal solid waste, qualified hydroelectric, and marine and hydrokinetic energy—did not receive extensions.

Act now: Tell your members of Congress you support extending tax incentives for all currently qualifying clean energy technologies.

All clean and efficient energy technologies should be treated equally. An extension of these tax credits cannot wait until they have expired. Businesses need certainty now to begin planning projects that take years to complete.

Urge Congress to extend these expiring tax credits as soon as possible to avoid serious disruptions to the U.S. clean and efficient energy market.

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