Take Action: Protect Menhaden on the East Coast

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Urge the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to protect the most important fish in the sea!

Atlantic menhaden feed nearly every major predator on the East Coast, including striped bass, bluefish, tuna, ospreys, king mackerel, and humpback whales. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) wants to protect the menhaden’s critically important role in the marine ecosystem, but first the ASMFC needs to hear from you. Tell the ASMFC now that menhaden management must account for the needs of predators.

The best available science supports managing menhaden in a way that allows them to fulfill their role in the ocean food web and ensures that the population never drops below levels considered too risky for the ecosystem. Such action would help keep menhaden’s many predators well-fed and promote increased menhaden abundance from Maine to Florida. Let the ASMFC know that ecological management is right for menhaden.

Conservation will benefit everyone. No management body in the U.S. has attempted to manage a forage fish species on this scale for multiple predators. This big move would yield big rewards for ecosystems, economies, and fishermen along the entire Atlantic coast.

Take action for Atlantic menhaden today!

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