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Take Action: Ask Congress to Keep the Nation’s Flood Insurance Program from Drowning

We recently witnessed one of the most destructive and costly hurricane seasons on record. In four weeks, three major storms—Harvey, Irma, and Maria—battered the United States from Texas and South Carolina to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, leaving hundreds dead and more than $250 billion in estimated damage.

As with past natural disasters, Congress acted quickly to provide emergency assistance. But the federal government should do more to protect families and communities from this level of destruction in the future. Congress has the opportunity to do just that by reforming the National Flood Insurance Program.

Act now: Urge Congress to modernize the National Flood Insurance Program following last year’s unprecedented hurricane season.

Burdened with debt, the NFIP is ill-equipped to deal with the catastrophic events we are all too familiar with today. The House of Representatives has passed the 21st Century Flood Reform Act (H.R. 2874), which would address the growing problem of repeatedly flooded properties; require property sellers to disclose flood risk; and limit the federal government’s exposure to the riskiest and costliest properties. However, the bill doesn’t do enough to reduce flood-related damage and the impact these floods have on homes, communities, and taxpayers.

The Senate now must act to take up the House bill and make much needed changes to improve the financial solvency of the NFIP so that it can continue to pay out claims to flood victims and break the costly cycle of flooding and rebuilding.

Please contact your senators today and encourage them to reform and reauthorize the NFIP.

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