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Take Action: Dolphins, Whales, and Sea Turtles Need Your Help

The Pacific Fishery Management Council can ensure that an innovative fishing technique, known as deep-set buoy gear, is approved in 2018. This action would help protect whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles from becoming entangled in drift gillnets, currently the primary method of fishing for swordfish off California.

Act now: Ask fishery managers to authorize deep-set buoy gear.

Successfully tested for over six years off the West Coast, deep-set buoy gear offers fishermen a better way to catch swordfish without the unwanted catch of marine wildlife, known as bycatch. This gear targets swordfish in cold, deep water during the day to avoid other sensitive species near the surface and produces a higher-quality product that can demand more than double the price of a swordfish caught with destructive fishing gears such as drift gillnets or longlines.

By avoiding sensitive species and providing a local product to West Coast markets, deep-set buoy gear offers a win-win solution for fishermen and marine wildlife.

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