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Take Action: California Can Do Better Than Drift Gillnets

California is the last state in the U.S. that allows fishermen to use harmful drift gillnets to target swordfish. Members of our State Legislature have the opportunity to change this.

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Large-scale drift gillnets are banned on the high seas and in many countries worldwide because of the waste of marine wildlife, including whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles. Tens of thousands of people like you have called for an end to the use of these nets off California.

Recent efforts to transition the drift gillnet fishery to improved fishing methods have stalled. Last year, the federal government withdrew proposed regulations that would have limited the amount of endangered and vulnerable species that could be caught in drift gillnets.

Take Action: Encourage your legislators to support a solution.

There is a better way. California has the opportunity to shift the swordfish fishery to more selective gears. Successfully tested for over six years off the West Coast, deep-set buoy gear offers fishermen a way to target swordfish while avoiding other sensitive species. This gear also produces a higher-quality product that can demand more than double the price of a swordfish caught with drift gillnets.

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