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Take Action: Urge the FDA to Define Appropriate Use of Antibiotics in Food Animals

Urge FDA to take action beyond defining durations of use and also ensure that antibiotics are being used for appropriate reasons and at effective dosages.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently took a step in the right direction by requesting public comments to help establish appropriate durations of use for medically important antibiotics in animal agriculture. However, this is just one element of incorporating judicious use onto drug labels, which provide instructions on how antibiotics may be used. The agency should announce a concrete plan with a timeline for ensuring that all antibiotic label instructions are consistent with FDA’s judicious use principles. This would help curb the emergence of resistant bacteria.

Share your support for the FDA’s effort to establish appropriate duration limits for antibiotics used in animal agriculture and urge the agency to also announce a concrete plan to address the full range of injudicious antibiotic labels still on the market. Take action and submit your comment to the FDA today.

See our analysis to learn more about this issue.


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