Act Now: Public Lands and Wildlife are Under Threat

Act now to save our Western wildlife and sagebrush public lands!

Some members of Congress want to amend the funding bill for the Department of the Interior in a way that will threaten historic land use plans designed to protect habitat for the imperiled greater sage-grouse and 350 other species. Even though the plans are the product of historic collaboration among federal and state agencies, industry, conservation groups, and other stakeholders, some lawmakers are using them as an excuse to weaken environmental protections.

Please urge your members of Congress to oppose any language in the fiscal 2017 continuing appropriations or omnibus funding bills that would undermine these safeguards.

In September 2015, after an unprecedented cooperative effort by a wide range of stakeholders and federal, state, and local governments, the Interior and Agriculture Departments finalized historic land use plans to protect habitat for the greater sage-grouse. These plans were a result of efforts by sportsmen, local business owners, elected officials, conservationists, and industry representatives working together to preserve the Western way of life, protect our iconic sagebrush landscapes, and sustain the region’s outdoor economy.

Instead of celebrating landmark cooperation among diverse interests, these proposed funding riders would seriously undermine sage-grouse protection and bedrock conservation laws.

We need your help to stop attempts in Congress to attach this unacceptable language onto must-pass measures such as an appropriations bill. Please urge your members of Congress to oppose these attacks on our public lands, wildlife, and the West’s economy and way of life!

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