Take Action: Urge Your Members of Congress to Support Wilderness Legislation

Take action: Ask your senators and representative to pass the wilderness bills now before Congress adjourns for the year.

America’s public lands help define us as a nation. They are precious and prized—for keeping our air and water clean; as wildlife habitat; as quiet havens of solitude; and as places to hike, hunt, fish, paddle, or climb, or to heal and challenge ourselves. When the country continues to lose 6,000 acres of open space every day (more than 2 million acres a year), we should be working to ensure that more wild landscapes are safeguarded.

Even as efforts are underway to strip protections from our public land, more than a dozen wilderness measures are pending in Congress, introduced by members on both sides of the aisle. From Oregon and California to Tennessee and Arkansas, Americans are working with their elected representatives to add more wild land to the National Wilderness Preservation System for the use and enjoyment of those who will come after us. Congressional committees have heard testimony on a number of these bills and sent at least nine of them to the House and Senate floors for final consideration. Two have already been passed by the House of Representatives, and two others have been passed by the Senate.

Act now: Let your members of Congress know that you support preserving more wild land for future generations.

Business owners, community leaders, military veterans, scientists, conservationists, local elected officials, hunters and anglers, members of the faith community, and others are working across the country to protect some of the Pacific Northwest’s best steelhead spawning areas in Oregon; the red rock canyons of Utah; cool, sparkling streams in Tennessee; ancient forests and wild rivers in Washington; expansive views of sprawling desert playas and tall granite peaks in Nevada; and other special places.

We can still add to the nation’s bank of conserved places this year. Passage of these bills—which have been introduced by Democrats and Republicans alike—offer a rare opportunity to find some common ground on Capitol Hill. Send your letter today!

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