Urge Congress: Support USDA’s Efforts to Combat Antibiotic Resistance



As a fifth-generation pork and beef grower on my family’s farm in Como, Mississippi, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) work is important to my livelihood and my community. The agency funds cutting-edge ag research and delivers timely, high-value training and technical assistance on animal health and management practices, good nutrition, and antibiotic alternatives to help keep my animals healthy. USDA extension agents are trusted advisers who keep me updated on sustainable animal management techniques for raising my heritage pigs, lambs, and cattle.

Take action to promote programs that help growers and ranchers use antibiotics responsibly.

Congress is considering a critical funding increase to USDA’s research and education budgets that will help farmers on the frontlines—like me—continue to grow our farm-based businesses sustainably and use antibiotics responsibly while managing animal health.

Please send a message to your representatives in Congress today to let them know that sustainable farming and the fight against antibiotic resistance is important to you, and urge them to increase funding for USDA programs that help growers and ranchers use antibiotics responsibly.

Marshall Bartlett
President of Home Place Pastures
Como, Mississippi

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