Take Action: Urge Congress to Support the Fight Against Superbugs



The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture play essential roles in the effort to combat antibiotic resistance. Yet more than a quarter of the way into the current budget year, neither agency has received fiscal year 2019 funding to continue its work fighting drug-resistant superbugs. Time is running out for Congress to fund the fight against superbugs, and lawmakers need to hear from you.

Take action to support critical programs that fight against antibiotic resistance.

Tackling antibiotic resistance on a national scale requires collaboration across all federal health agencies. However, meaningful progress—such as FDA’s recently released five-year plan to fight antibiotic resistance—will be compromised if these agencies do not have adequate funding to implement them.

This can’t wait. FDA and USDA urgently need more resources to advance these critical priorities. Take action today by emailing your members of Congress to let them know the fight against antibiotic resistance is important to you, and urge them to provide essential funding for FDA and USDA programs that help track antibiotic resistance and ensure judicious antibiotic use.

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