Help get legislation to fix our parks across the finish line!

Action 1: Email your members of Congress

Thanks to your advocacy, we’ve made amazing progress to fix our nation’s beloved national parks. Legislation that would provide dedicated funding to draw down the National Park Service’s $11.6 billion backlog of needed maintenance repairs is moving forward with bipartisan support, but we need your help to get the bill to the president’s desk.

With only a few weeks left in this Congress—known as a “lame-duck” session—we are racing against the clock to ensure the legislation is considered by the House and Senate before they adjourn for the year. Will you help get this bill across the finish line?

1) Send a letter and call your representative and senators.
2) Urge them to contact congressional leadership AND the White House and ask them to enact legislation (H.R. 6510/S. 3172) to fix our national parks before Congress leaves this year.

Once you take action and submit a letter, your elected officials’ phone numbers will display, and you can use our talking points to help deliver your important message.

We’re so close to protecting our national treasures, and with your help we’ll provide our parks with a great holiday gift!

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